Create seamless selections for great decision-making

Decilio helps acceleration and competition programs make professional and better selection processes with a collaborative, Swiss-made decision-making tool 🇨🇭

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Streamline your selection process

Create and customise your selection processes, automate manual tasks, and reduce administrative workloads to focus on the things that truly matter. Decilio is designed to save you time and get things done.

Decilio: jury selection creation

Create professional selections

Give your jury a professional and seamless experience that truly demonstrates the quality and excellence of your program. Let your program stand out with effective and simple workflows that value the time and wisdom of your jury.

Decilio: selection process view

Make better, accurate selections

Collect, process and review all of your jury’s responses in one place to make your evaluation process more accurate and make the right decision. No more hundreds of google sheets and endless email threads!

Decilio: selection tool dashboard view

Quick setup

Easily create and customise your selection and evaluations process using our 3 selection models.

Simple management

Quickly register your selection jury, manage their access rights and customise what item they can judge.

Simplified communication

Send bulk invitations and individual reminders in one click, add simple instructions and let your jury collaborate.

Easy access

Make the lives of your jury easy by sharing secure and private links to your selection. No login required.

Real-time visualisation

Easily track individual responses and see compounded results in interactive dashboards.

Secure platform

Collect and store your responses on a GDPR-compliant platform 100% hosted in Switzerland🇨🇭

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