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Decilio for Judges

Selection invitation

Decilio: Selection invitation

As a judge you will be invited to a selection via a personal email. Click on the link to access your voting page.

(The emails are unique and personal to each judge. So they shouldn’t be shared with any third party.)

Selection page

Decilio: Selection invitation

Once you click on the email you received from Decilio, you will be taken to our selection page. This page may differ depending on the action you are asked to perform.

There are 3 different types of selection that you can do on Decilio: 1) rating selection 2) token-based selection and 3) pick selection.

1. Rating Selection

Decilio: Selection invitation

This type of selection lets you rate item(s) based on one or more criteria.

To give your rating, move the slider(s) from left to right.

Repeat the same process if there are multiple items in the list.

2. Token-based selection

Decilio: token-based selection

In this mode, you are asked to give a certain amount of token to a list of items. A common situation is where judges are given 6 tokens that they need to distribute in the following manner: 3 tokens to their favourite item, 2 to their second favourite item and 1 to the third favourite item.

To give your tokens, click on the “+” sign.

If you want to remove tokens, click on the "-" sign

Repeat the same process if there are multiple items in the list

3. Pick selection

Decilio: Pick selection

In this selection mode, click on the item(s) that you want to select. In case you want to remove one item, click on the item one more time

Viewing additional information

Decilio: item information

To help judges make better decisions, additional information can be attached to the item(s). To preview this additional information, click on the “info” button.

This is what you will see when you click on the “info” button.

In some cases, external documents (like pdfs, etc.) can be attached to an item. To preview those external documents, open the item “info”. Then click on the button at the top of the pop-up.

The document will open in a new tab.

Filtering the items list

Decilio: item filtering

In some cases you will be able to filter the items based on predefined tags. To filter the list, click on the “Filter by Tag” dropdown at the bottom of the page. Select the tag you want to filter on. The list will be automatically filtered.

To remove the applied filter, click on the red arrow next to the dropdown.

Adding comments to items

Decilio: how to post a comment

In case you’d like to share some additional information about an item, you can add a comment.

To add a comment, please click on the “comment” icon on the right-hand side of the item. Add your comment in the pop-up window and then press save.

Adding a shared comment

Decilio: how to post a shared comment

Comments can be shared across all the judges who participate in the same selection for sharing purposes.

To create a shared comment, click on the “comment” icon on the right-hand side of the item. Add your comment in the pop-up window, select “shared comment” and then press save.

Your comment will now be viewable by all the other judges active in that selection.

This is how shared comments look like

Decilio: shared comment in selection

Saving one’s selection

Decilio: how to save one's selection

To save your selection, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

This is what you will see when your selection has been successfully submitted.

Editing one’s selection

Decilio: Selection invitation

Judges can edit and re-submit their selection(s) as long as the selection window is open.

To edit your selection, click on “Edit Submission”.

Once the selection period has ended or has been closed, it is not possible to edit one’s submissions anymore.

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